Best clothes for Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu weather starts off with a light rain and cold temperatures. You want to be bundled up in a fleece and leggings or joggers especially with the cold wind. Around 10 in the morning, the clouds start to disappear and the sun appears from the blue sky. The temperature starts to rise and you can feel the heat of the sun. At this point, you’ll want to wear a tank top and shorts and have your sunscreen on. Don’t forget there are still cold winds since you’ll be sweating you’ll feel it more.

You don’t want to carry too much because of the loads of photos you’ll be taking and you’ll be tired from going up and down the mountain.

It is recommended you wear shirt or tank top and bring a lightweight fleece that’ll keep you warm but at the same time will wick away your sweat. Preferably something that also breathable because you will feel heat at the high altitude. Wear comfortable shoes and socks that won’t soak up your sweat. Sweaty socks give blisters and that last thing you want is your feet aching while trekking up Machu Picchu. Preferably wear durable socks that wick away sweater and are odor resistant. This also applies to panites, sports bras, and briefs. Lastly, wear leggings that keep you warm, but are breathable and flexible. If you are sensitive to the sun and sunscreen isn’t enough, it is recommended to wear clothes that protect you from the solar radiation.

Basically, you will need to prepare for all the weather conditions: rain, cold winds and heat. And there’s only one animal that is prepared for this: Alpaca. Alpaca wool is warm, but breathable, lightweight, wicks away sweat, water-repellent, odor-resistant, naturally stretchy, protects against solar radiation and 100% natural.

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