New Alpaca Clothes and Tell Us About Your Alpaca Ideas

New collection of Alpaca

New year’s day was only 9 days ago and winter has a couple of months left before we feel the warmth of the fresh sun from Spring. For the experienced hikers and travelers, you already know your hiking clothes will need to be updated. And for the new trekkers, you will soon learn your winter trekking gear will be too warm for that hiking backpacking in the hot weather. But, no worries! AoA has got your closet covered with durable, breathable, eco-friendly hiking clothing. Also, perfect for light outdoor travel too ;).

AoA will be coming out with: Mens’ Alpaca t-shirts, Alpaca socks, Ladies’ Alpaca tank tops, Alpaca leggings, and Alpaca sweatpants for spring! We have updated the “COMING SOON: 2019” with photos of prototypes.

Additionally, we would like to know what the Alpaca lovers want from us. Shoot us a message through our website, Instagram, Facebook page, or email with what Alpaca clothes you would like AoA to offer. We will be giving a huge discount to the person who we think gave the best idea for that particular garment.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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