Alpaca: The Best Eco-Friendly Animal

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 The morning frost is just beginning to melt from the yellowing grass tops. Alpacas graze upon them, gently chewing on the grass of the earth’s soil without yanking it. A lone Peruvian herder, bundled in Alpaca wool, pushes his animals down a steep rocky trail. The animals have been pastured at 17,000 feet (5.000 meters) for the last 3 months with their natural instincts allowing them live in low oxygen levels. The rainy season begins soon and they must be driven to lower pastures near the village at 14,000 feet (4.000 meters). At these extreme elevations, little cultivation of crops is possible; however, this poses no threat to Alpacas, as they naturally consume less than other animals such as sheep.

Alpaca, “The High Mountain Animal of South America”, are known members of the camel family, including Llamas. They mostly graze in the Andes of Peru. Dating back to 4,300 BC, this High Mountain Animal was bred primarily for wool production and alpaca textile and transported to the south part of Peru.


Eco-friendly Animals , Eco-friendly Clothing

Animals grazing in high altitude regions must be efficient digesters with capability of digesting Lignin. Lignin is a component of a plant’s defense against radiation in high elevation. Thanks to the Alpaca’s slow digestive process of 50.3 hours, they are known to consume farless than sheep. A study showed Alpacas consume 2.1% of their body fat while sheep consumed 4.3%. Along with their digestion, their eating habits are kind to our earth’s soil making their ecological footprint smaller. Unlike cattle, sheep, and others, Alpacas chew on grass instead of yanking it, allowing grass to regrow in the same area. Our eco-friendly animals are well-organized when using the bathroom as they all get in line and wait to make their deposit. This makes it easy for farmers to gather their poop and use it as organic matter for fertilization or biofuel.

From our Ecological Animals to our Ecological Clothing Brand, our mid layers’ and base layers’ natural fabrics are 100% Royal Alpaca. For hikers seeking extreme treks, Alpaca is perfect for mountain wear and light outdoor travel. Check out our sustainable collection for your next adventure!



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