Package Deals: Coming Soon

Arms of Andes will start offering packages deals for backpackers and travelers. Our packages will consist of basic pack, full pack, and an ultimate pack. Each package is designed to fit your needs depending on your type of travel. If your package doesn’t have what you are looking for, reach out to us and we will make one specially fit for you.

Each package will have special deals as well. And they will include the new garments: Alpaca leggings, alpaca shirts, alpaca trousers / alpaca joggers, alpaca long sleeve shirts, alpaca lightweight hoodies and more.

It is still our mission to only provide 100% natural fiber clothes of the finest wool of Alpaca, Royal. At 18 microns, you feel the softness of the wool without the weight of the garment. We made our traveling gartments lighter and finer, so you don’t have to worry about packing a heavy bag. Forget about washing your clothes that sweat in during your hikes. Since all our gear is 100% Royal Alpaca, there is no washing needed and its antibacterial and odor resistant.

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