Temperature Regulated Alpaca Garments

The importance of temperature regulated fleeces and clothes make a difference on your trek. Not having to worry about bringing an extra fleece in case it’s too cold or having to change when the weather changes. This benefit allows you to carry less clothes which makes the journey better. 

Alpaca fibers is a unique pocket like tube. This important structure keeps the warmth of your body inside its fibers. This also gives great breathability, allowing your body to feel cool when hot. Other wool fiber like merino do not carry this unique structure naturally. 

When trekking among the mountains, your alpaca shirt will feel lightweight. When you’re heading to the peak of your mountain, your body starts to heat up. This warmth is captured in your shirt; however, we do not feel the heat because of the breathability. When you finally reach the top and you start moving your way down; your body starts to cool down. The warmth your body created when hiking up is carried inside the alpaca’s fibers, so your body does not get cold. This benefit is ideal for people doing long hikes or overnight treks because you want to avoid catching a cold. The worst way of catching a cold is having your body cold down during the evening. However, alpaca wool ensures your body to stay warm. 

It’s ideal for overnight hikes to pack: Alpaca sweater, alpaca boxers, alpaca sports bra, alpaca leggings, alpaca shorts, alpaca base layers, and alpaca fleece. Additional alpaca clothes might be needed; however, that depends on the length of your trip.

For long hikes: Alpaca leggings, alpaca shirt, and alpaca base layer should be okay. However, if your hike includes the evening as well, it’s best to take an alpaca fleece.

All our alpaca garments are designed for traveling and hikes.

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