Man in snow wearing alpaca wool base layer and leggings

What to Wear in Winter to Avoid Getting Sick

It is the middle of winter and it is very cold. What kind of clothing should one choose to prevent possible sickness?

Traveling around the world and settling in the Netherlands, facing the cold winter use to be a challenge for me. You want something that will keep you warm, but not make you sweat. Here are steps to help prevent possible sickness during the winter:

  1. KEEP YOUR FEET WARM: Cold air enters easily through your feet giving you the chills. Our Alpaca socks are 56% alpaca wool and the rest nylon for durability. They are guaranteed to keep your feet warm without feeling too hot. 

alpaca wool socks

         2. BASE LAYER FOR INSULATION: Layering is needed in the winter. Wearing a large jacket will not cut it. Our alpaca wool base layers have fibers with a hollow center that traps your warmth. Think of a next-to-skin thin long sleeve shirt that holds your body warmth in. This helps prevent you from getting sick, but our alpaca mid layer is needed to provide an extra insulation. 

alpaca wool base layer womensalpaca wool base layer men's

        3. WOOL BASE LAYER LEGGINGS: Don’t forget your bottoms. Although jeans are the typical bottoms everyone wear, jeans provide no warmth. You need thin leggings (depending how tight you wear jeans) to fit snug around your leggings under your jeans. Our 230 leggings is of thin neat that helps keep your leggings warm and the material is stretchy for ultimate comfort and movement. The 420 leggings are good if you wear somewhat loose jeans or if you are wearing our alpaca joggers (sweatpants) which also offer supreme warmth.

wool leggingsalpaca wool leggings

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