At Arms of Andes, sustainable production is our goal. We already do a lot, keeping our carbon footprint low with single sourcing and using one of the most sustainable technical fibers around, but we want to do more. So for the coming collection, we decided to say good bye to synthetic colors and welcome in a new era of natural dyes.


Our new collection will be available by November and you can get a sneak peak at some of the colors below! 
You will be able to pre-order from this collection by end of October. 


For thousands of years, cultures around the world have been adding color to their clothing and textiles using plants, animals and minerals from their environment. The ancient civilizations of Peru - from the Moche to the Inca - were no exception, and we have decided to bring these traditional practices and knowledge into the world of modern outdoor apparel.  We are also celebrating one of alpaca wool's natural colors, by including a natural, un-dyed white in our line.  Some of the dyes we use are shown below:


Our natural red dye derives from parasitic insects that feed on the prickly pear cactus. Only the females produce carminic acid, which is where the red color comes from.


Known as "Maiz Morado" in Peru, this type of maize has hard kernels of a deep purple color. We use purple corn to make our silver & charcoal dyes.


Our blue dye is derived from a plant called "Indigofera tinctoria". Is is extracted from the leaves which are soaked in water and fermented to give the vibrant color.

Clothes in Color.

Our range of shirts will be available in all five colours: charcoal, silver, indigo, red & natural white. For versatility, we're sticking to charcoal & indigo for the mid layers, base layers & bottoms.