Single Origin Supply Chain

We Found a Solution to Low Carbon Footprint: Single Sourcing

We carry out every production stage, from sourcing alpaca fiber to manufacturing the garments, in one country: PERU.

We keep our supply chain as short as possible to ensure the traceability of our products and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

How Does It Work?

Our main goal is to produce clothes while leaving minimal impact on the environment. Single sourcing and being a single-origin brand helps us achieve this goal.

Our components are sourced in Peru and our whole supply chain is based in Peru as well. The only international shipping that we do is when we ship your order to you.

Stages of Our Production in Peru



Alpacas roam freely in the highlands of Peru. Traditionally raised by family communities, they are never harmed for their wool. Alpacas' light footprints and gentle grazing promote regrowth, creating a perfect balance with nature.

Small scale farmers - usually individual families - shear their alpacas in the highland areas of Southern Peru. Women sort the fiber into different qualities by touch.


Yarn Production

The fleece is taken overland to sustainable processing plants, where it is washed with biodegradable detergent and water heated by solar panels. The washed wool is processed into "wool tops", and then spun into yarn.

To reduce the water intake we only use low impact synthetic dyes (black, navy, gray) which are added at the wool top stage. These dyes do not have toxic chemicals or mordants. 

Natural dyes are added in the final garment stage. We also have raw white (natural white) which has no dye whatsoever. 



From southern Peru, the yarn is taken overland to Lima on the central coast, where it is knitted into our unique fabrics.

We never toss out our leftover fabric no matter how small the piece is. Everything is used to create other products. 


Garmet Production

The fabric is cut into shapes and then stitched together to form the final garments.

Natural dyes (indigo, cochineal, eucalyptus, molle) are added to the finished garments, which are sent to artisanal dyeing workshops where they are hand-dyed in small batches.

Low impact dyes (black, navy, lilac) are added at the wool top stage, so we use pre-colored yarn to create the fabrics.



Garments are then shipped by air to our distribution centers in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. When you place your order, your garments are shipped to you from the nearest distribution center.

Your alpaca clothes arrive to you in  compostable packaging.

A short supply chain and a focus on sustainable production, mean that we can keep our transportation carbon footprint low and ensure the traceability of our products.

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