Wool in the heat

Alpaca or all paca, whichever way you spell it, you still get a cooling sweater because of its special fibers. Wool clothing is popular for winter season; however, it is also best worn in summer season as well. Alpaca baselayer and wool leggings are ideal for travelers hiking during a hot day. With their breathable tube like fibers, your body does not experience an overheating when hiking in the sun. Wool beanies can actually protect your head from the sun’s UV radiation. We also recommend trying our wool underwear for those doing an overnight trail. Not being able to wash your clothes can be annoying, especially if you’re hiking a trail in a hot temperature. For women who want to avoid wearing a sweaty sports bra, our wool sports bra is perfect. Alpaca fibers wick away almost all of your sweat so you don’t have to worry about wearing sweaty wool undershirts. Ditch the synthetic outdoor clothes and choose wool outdoor clothes. Alpaca performance wear beats the merino wool wear. Try it out for your next hike!
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