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Earth Day: What Is the Impact of the Fashion Industry on the Environment?

The textile and fashion industry uses about 2,000 different chemicals, many of them are known carcinogens. Out of these thousands, a mere 16 of them have approval from the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency.

Why Is Excessive Consumerism A Problem?

Our growing population and unsustainable consumption habits have led to an acceleration in climate change. Simply put, we are consuming too much. Our landfills struggle with the amount of trash we generate while we continue to buy even more.

Everything you need to know before your next ski trip

Knowing how to prepare can be daunting. To help you plan for your trip we have put together this quick and easy guide telling you everything you need to know before your next ski trip.

What Is a Micron In Wool Clothing?

Micron is a measuring unit used to measure the diameter of wool fibres. This means the higher the micron, the thicker the diameter of the fiber.

What Did Hikers Wear Before Synthetics Were Invented?

Nowadays you barely have to think twice before pulling on a synthetic jacket and heading out into cold weather. But what outdoor clothes did people wear before synthetic fibers were invented?

Why are natural fibers better than synthetics for sports?

You might be thinking: “My functional synthetic clothing works great so why should I wear alpaca wool?” We hear you, but we are here to tell you that alpaca wool brings more benefits than you could imagine.

5 Ways To Have A Green Christmas This Year

As 2021 draws to a close, the excitement starts to build as we approach Christmas. For most folks, it is the favorit time of the year. Time for loved ones, giving gifts, Christmas trees and a few days of pigging out on food!

Eco Black Friday 2021: 11 Tips to Shop Sustainably

Getting a discount is exciting and rewarding but have you considered the impact your shopping has on the environment? How can we sustainably shop on one of the least green-friendly days of the year?

7 Tips for More Sustainable Shopping

In this day and age, when many companies lack transparency, how can we be sure we are shopping eco-friendly? Let’s explore some ideas to keep in mind when shopping!