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Ткань:100 % королевская шерсть альпаки.
Краситель для ткани: Красители с низким уровнем воздействия (GOTS).
Отделка ткани:силикон (OEKO-TEX).
Эластик: 50 % каучук, 50 % хлопок.
100 % хлопок пима.
Краситель для ниток: Реактивный краситель
Этикетка: 100 % шерсть королевской альпаки.
Чернила для этикеток: Синтетические (GOTS).


Женские леггинсы из шерсти альпаки

легкий вес 300

Женские леггинсы из шерсти альпаки: легкий вес 300

Обычная цена $105.00 USD
Обычная цена $105.00 USD Цена со скидкой $105.00 USD
0% OFF
Красители с низким воздействием:

Альпака против Мериноса

Шерсть альпаки превосходит мериноса.

Волокна альпаки развивались в суровых перуанских Андах на протяжении тысячелетий, чтобы защитить вас в любых приключениях.

Уникальные полуполые волокна:
• Меньший вес
• Более высокая изоляция

Самые гладкие волокна чешуи:
• Впитывание влаги
• Мягче без валяния

Высокопроизводительное волокно

Берите с собой полегче, путешествуйте дальше.

Получите максимум от природы с помощью волокна высочайшего качества. Исследуйте природу чистой и сухой, используя натуральную антибактериальную и регулирующую температуру шерсть альпаки.

❊ Антибактериальный и устойчивый к запаху
↻ Высокое потоотведение.
☁ Высокая воздухопроницаемость.
☀ УФ-защита
✓ Легкий и прочный

Мир без микропластика

Мы положили конец пластиковому загрязнению.

Наша миссия — создавать одежду, которая позволит вам исследовать природу, не загрязняя ее микропластиком.

Это первый шаг к тому, чтобы весь наш каталог не содержал нефтепродуктов и был биоразлагаемым.

Мы используем только биоразлагаемые материалы:
• Ткань из 100 % шерсти королевской альпаки.
• Нитки из 100 % хлопка.
• Этикетки из 100 % хлопка.

Доставка и возврат

Бесплатная доставка для заказов на сумму более 200 долларов США, приобретенных на нашем складе в США.*

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The Best Thermal Wool Leggings

The lightweight leggings, made with 100% Royal Alpaca Wool, offer a comfortable fit for flexible movement during any physical activity. Ultra-soft and warm alpaca wool naturally wicks moisture, dries fast and resists odor, ensuring you stay clean and fresh all day. Our women's wool leggings are perfect for layering in winter for skiing and snowboarding, and look great worn on their own in spring, summer and fall. These versatile thermal leggings are designed for your ultimate comfort wherever you go. For colder weather check out our midweight leggings for women.

womens active comfort leggings lightweight color black


Leggings Design for High Performance

For thousands of years, alpacas have been adapting to extreme environments of the Andes Mountains, where temperatures range widely. The harsh highland conditions created the ultimate outdoor fiber, designed to keep you protected, clean, and comfortable.



The Superior Fiber for the Outdoors

Alpaca wool is a superior choice for the outdoors and outperforms any other fiber: merino wool, cotton, rayon and polyester.



All-Natural Leggings

When wearing 100% Alpaca Wool, you can rest assured that your clothes are not contaminating nature.


womens temperature regulate leggings lightweight color natural blue


Where Were These Leggings Made?

We use natural local resources and a short transparent supply chain. Our mission is to teach you as much as possible about how clothes should be made. Together we can move the fashion industry towards a sustainable future.


Complete Your Hiking Pack

Women's Alpaca Wool Base Layer

300 Lightweight Half-Zip

from $135

Women's Alpaca Wool Sports Bra

160 Ultralight

from $65

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cynthia Game
Smart, satisfying, worthwhile...

To my amazement, my lightweight leggings fit perfectly. I put them on and I have been wearing them everyday! My legs have been neither cold nor hot since. You see, one year my husband decided to keep the house temperature much cooler and I got hardly anything done! My knees and ankles felt like I had arthritis. So I started wearing polar fleece jammie pants with leg warmers to hide them under long skirts. Well, that fixed it. Beautifully. But I had no figure instantly. Not one shred of feeling sexy. And, on top of that, my girlfriend was saying that synthetics reak havoc on our hormones. Then our drier broke. For a few months in the winter I just hung things to dry until we repaired the machine. But it got me thinking that polar fleece would not fair well over the long term without a drier, and I knew that it would lose its fluff. I wondered how hand washing as a possible lifestyle necessity in the future would work with my wardrobe. And I wanted my clothes to take up less space. Polar fleece doesn't give me the idea that I am choosing healthy sustainable biodegradable wardrobe options from this world while we still have some access to everything freely. No, I was making uneducated cheap decisions.
Maybe simplifying our lifestyles
with fewer but greater belongings will turn out to be wise in the long run. (I love going outside and inside with more layers. It is far more comfortable. And I just take a bag with me to pop my leggings into for while I am visiting a hot place. My habit is to slip off my skirt and put on windpants to garden, switching after an hour. Satisfying.)
So these leggings looked like cotton when I took them out of the package! (I was worried.) They are so nice and compact folded up. They have a bit of teeny scratchyness. Otherwise I would have thought I bought cotton! I have had no rash from them at all. I ignore the scratchy feeling because it is so minor and then I
forget about it all day long. Surprisingly, I want to dance all the time! I would not be able to wear plain wool. I would rash up terribly. So I have a figure again. Hurray!
Reducing the bulk of clothing is wonderful. Now, I would rather feel soft polar fleece on my legs,... but I want to make my forever choices. And, realistically, they do not get dirty, I have lovely comfortable romantic long skirts over them. Dressing that way makes me want to do so many things. Somehow it makes me feel loved. If I only ever could have a few clothes, I want these leggings to be part of them.
I am 52. I wonder if I will have these for the rest of my life. And how will they hold up? Will they get even nicer? Will they stay warm? How will they be in warmer weather? Colder weather? Did you ever hear of George Washington Carver, that he wore one suit all of his life after university? Fewer, better, wiser personal belongings and a life of purpose and meaning. How? By being able to reduce the space and amount of money one requires to live in order to be burden free.
Thank you for shipping alpaca products to Canada! I greatly appreciate that you made that choice.

Beryl Fields
Alpaca wool light weight leggings

Fit well. My size often falls between small & medium. I chose medium in these leggings.& ordered a second pair right after receiving the first. They are more silky feeling than merino wool. Plan on wearing in spring and trying them for cooler summer days. Very satisfied.

Kerry Flanagan
Thick and warm

These are soft, thicker that any others I have owned, and warm. I purchased XS 5’4’ 112 lbs, good fit. I like that they are long enough. Would def recommend!

Annette Moresi

I love my alpaca leggings and top. So warm and Cuddley, barely know I have them on, except for warmth.

Dara Summers
I never want to take them off!

Feels like an Alpaca hug! Never too hot, but always warm enough. They do stretch out a bit after wearing them a few times. Fit is terrific and all other pants are torture now.