MOVE LIGHTEST: Alpaca fiber is naturally lightweight but durable. Comfortably pack alpaca tops and bottoms and travel with a single backpack that can last from weeks to months.

FEEL CLEAN AND FRESH: Naturally hygienic; almost 0% moisture absorption keeps your body clean. Almost no sweat absorption keeps bacteria and smell away, making Alpaca tops and bottoms reusable.

STAY COMFORTABLE: Soft, at 18 microns and naturally breathable. Alpaca clothing helps you move freely and feel connected with your surroundings. 


HIKE FURTHER: AoA Alpaca Hiking Gear are specifically designed for full coverage in all weather conditions. Alpaca layers, tops, and bottoms protect your entire body in any hike, moving you further than ever!

COMFORT IN THE EXTREMES: Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away sweat without absorbing it. You and your clothes stay dry, keeping your body protected on rough hikes.

HIKE WITH THE BREEZE: Soft and breathable fibers keep you comfortable no matter how difficult your surroundings are.


CONNECT WITH NATURE: When hiking with pure Royal Alpaca, you are using a renewable fiber from free-ranging Alpacas from the Andes Mountains. A big step away from synthetics while being technically superior, Alpaca is the way to go! 

PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Alpacas are unique in how they interact with their environment. Their footprint is minimalistic, damaging the least amount of vegetation as they roam the ranges freely. As they eat, their teeth cut the grass instead of crushing it. This allows new grass to continue growing without damaging the plant's root systems, protecting the ecosystem.



Alpaca is softer, lighter, stronger, and warmer than Merino Wool and Cashmere:


-In cold or warm weather, Alpaca's fleece is light and breathable while retaining more heat than merino wool.

-It's unique fiber allows for a softer feel while whisking away moisture from the skin, and keeping you dry.

Alpaca is naturally:

Odor Resistant

Wrinkle Resistant

Contains No Lanolin



Buying again! I hate the cold and feeling wet after I sweat. The fleece was perfect for keeping me warm & dry. I would recommend for people who get cold easily and like to travel light. 


I purchased my first alpaca fleece in Nov. And I'm very impressed. This is my first time owning alpaca fur and I was surprised by the softness of the material. At the same time, I felt perfectly warm and comfortable hiking the Inca Trail. 



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