Our Sustainability

We believe that sustainability comes from the creation and performance of the fiber, through the supply chain, until the end life of the garment.

We are a single origin brand.

We carry out every production stage - from sourcing our fleece and yarn to manufacturing the fabric and the garments - in one single country: PERU.

We keep our supply chain as short as possible to ensure the traceability of our products and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

We are a manufacturing brand.

As a manufacturing brand, we know exactly where, how, and by whom our clothes are made. With 100% of our supply chain being based in one country, we can ensure that sustainable and ethical methods are being used in all stages of our production.

Biodegradable Fiber: Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is a natural fiber that undergoes minimal processing, without chemicals that can damage the environment, so it can be considered biodegradable.

The use of natural fibers, natural dyes, and other innovations, allows us to work towards making our products 100% biodegradable; so when you eventually need to retire your Arms of Andes clothing, you can do so knowing that it won’t cause any damage to the environment.

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Family-Run Alpaca Farms

Our alpaca wool comes directly from alpaca herders in the Peruvian Andes, whose families have been employing traditional techniques to rear alpacas and harvest their fiber for generations. Family-run farms raise the alpacas in small herds, having close and constant contact with the animals. The farmers then form co-ops to sell the wool for the best price available to them.

Alpacas in the Peruvian Andes are not “farmed” in the modern sense: instead, the animals are free roaming, allowed to graze up to 4,800 meters during the day, before being herded back to shelter at night. While alpacas have a more natural lifestyle than most livestock, they are still looked after by the farmers and have access to regular veterinary care when needed.  

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"We care about the impact our company and personal actions have on the environment."

By producing and using 100% alpaca wool, we can help minimize the impact of clothing production and commerce, making it one of the most sustainable clothing products available on the market.

Eco-Friendly Alpacas

We source our alpaca wool exclusively from highland areas of Peru where alpacas are adapted to live naturally. These natural adaptations - listed below - help to reduce the environmental impact of alpaca wool production, in comparison to some of the other technical fibers on the market.

Single Sourcing = Low Carbon Footprint

Once the Alpaca fiber has been produced, it is processed into yarn, dyed, and woven into a specially designed fabric, which is then used to create our high-performance garments.

Rather than shipping the yarn or even fabric to the US, we decided to carry out the entire production process in Peru. We do this to ensure quality, reduce our overall carbon footprint, and ensure we are producing as sustainable and eco-friendly products as possible.

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the map of arms of andes production

Everything is made in Peru

As well as the final products, our fabrics are made in Peruvian factories, close enough to the sources of the alpaca wool so that transport can be done overland. From the Peruvian factories, your garments are shipped to a regional distributor and then straight to you, reducing the number of flights involved in the production process and the overall carbon footprint from transport. 

Compostable Packaging

Sustainability and plastic packaging don't go together, which is why we found an alternative solution to plastic bags. Since 2021, we only use compostable bags to ship our products worldwide. We also the hangtags made with thick cardboard based on recycled paper.

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the map of arms of andes production

We Are Part of "I'm Plastic Free"

We partnered up with I'm Plastic-Free to help people find new ways to reduce plastic use and microplastic pollution. While we're working towards a plastic-free future, please note that our zippers are currently the focus of our plastic reduction efforts. All other items in our catalog are proudly plastic-free.

"We dream of the day the ocean can say: I’m Plastic Free."

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What is sustainability?

Sustainability and eco-friendly are concepts that get thrown around in every industry, possessing different values and meanings for each business entity. What "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" actually mean varies widely, especially in the world of fashion. 

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