Alpaca Wool Makes Your Trek Experience Better Than Merino Wool

The loud music from the brass instruments are playing and Peruvian locals are lining up to dance and perform on the streets. Crowds of people from multiple countries come to watch as it is now festival season in Peru. The loud music fills your ears and you’re finding a way around the crowd to get to your hotel or hostel as fast as possible. Tomorrow your day starts at 4 in the morning which is in 5 hours and you need your rest. You’ll be hiking the path that many centuries ago the Inca and the Quechua people have hiked. Luckily you’ll have a 2 hour bus ride to your drop off location so you can nap before the Inca Trail begins.

Waking up early in the morning, your toes are cold and you fill the fresh cold air hit your warm body. You meet your tour guide in the lobby with other hikers you’ll be enjoying this Peruvian adventure with. But now you want to bundle up in the bus and take a nice nap. But you’re finding it difficult to sleep since your legs and arms are cold and your neck is cramped from leaning on the window. Your merino wool leggings and merino wool fleece are not as soft or warm as you want it, but you bought it because of the durability. You use your one sweater (since you had to pack light) and make a ball shaped pillow to rest your neck. Now your neck is feeling better but you’re getting the chills. Your throat aches when you swallow and you can feel the inside of your ears itch. You’re catching a cold right before your 4 day hike to Machu Picchu.

Wearing the correct gear makes a big difference in your experience through Peru and other parts of the Andes. Alpacas have to survive not only 1 harsh weather but multiples in day. The day starts cold but as soon as the sun rises, you feel the heat. Prepare your gear with the wool that is naturally made to within stand such harsh weathers.

Merino wool has positive benefits and is a durable wool. However, do not stop with durability. The warmth and softness makes the bus ride at 4 in the morning to your drop location more enjoyable. Being able to pack light, you need very garment to have multiple purposes. Your fleece is no longer a sweater or midlayer but a pillow or an extra blanket. You need the extra softness and warmth to help you enjoy your bus ride naps and your sleep in the tents.

Your merino wool leggings need to flexible and breathable because hiking up steps requires free leg movement. Breathability helps you keep your wool leggings on so you can avoid scraping your knees or having to change behind a tree while your group moves ahead of you. With Alpaca wool leggings, the naturally elasticity lets you move freely. The pocket like tubes allow your legs to breath more so you can stay cool.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Merino wool only wicks away 50% of moisture, meaning half of your garment will be full of sweat. ALPACA WOOL WICKS AWAY MORE THAN 90% OF MOISTURE. That means when you’re hiking for Machu Picchu or Rainbow Mountain or even Mount Everest and you reach the top for photos of your accomplishments; you know the way down will be a nice cooldown. However, this part of the hike is the most crucial because you’re more vulnerable to catching a cold or the flu. You either have to change your half sweaty merino wool shirt and put it in your backpack which will wet your dry gear or you could get sick. And ladies understand that wearing a sweaty sports bra is the worst way to catch the flu. But with Alpaca wool shirts, you don’t need to change. Your body heat is captured in the pocket like tubes so while hiking down you’re body is cooling down at a slow pace, but you don’t feel the cold.

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