Baby Alpaca wool is not wool from a new-born baby alpaca

Baby Alpaca wool is not wool that is sheared from a baby alpaca. Baby alpaca is a type of wool from any Alpaca. Many travelers coming Peru have the idea their baby alpaca wool sweater is from an alpaca baby. This is not true. It is possible the wool comes from a baby alpaca; however, baby alpaca can come from an adult alpaca as well.

Different types of Alpaca wool:

Royal Alpaca wool, Baby Alpaca wool, and Superfine Alpaca wool are all found in one alpaca but at different parts of the animal. At 18 microns, the softest alpaca wool, Royal Alpaca is located on the back part of the alpaca. This fine wool is the most expensive and the most scarce. If you do find Royal alpaca, it will most likely be in an expensive store and made into scarves or a sweater. However, when shopping at the local Peruvian markets, you will most likely find Baby alpaca and Superfine Alpaca.

Baby Alpaca is sheared from the neck and butt areas of the Alpaca. This is the second finest wool because it ranges around 19-20 microns. Baby alpaca is considered expensive but not as expensive as Royal alpaca and there is more stock available. During your trip in Machu Picchu or other parts of Peru, you’ll find sweaters, beanies, mittens, etc are made from Baby Alpaca.

Lastly, Superfine alpaca wool is sheared from the legs and belly area of the alpaca. This wool ranges from 20-23 microns, much thicker than baby and royal alpaca. While visiting the Peruvian shops, you’ll come across superfine alpaca as it easier for peruvian business to obtain. Most rugs, blankets, and ponchos are made of superfine alpaca wool.

If you are looking for a softer feel of alpaca wool, then Royal Alpaca is definitely what you need. You won’t find sweaters, mid layers, base layers, leggings, shirts, tank tops and other garments of 100% Royal alpaca wool anywhere else. We are the first ones in the world to dare to create a garment this style and knit. Royal Alpaca is mostly used for fashion; however, the benefits of being durable, soft, breathable, hypoallegernic, wicking sweat, and more is definitely useful for your travel. Think about your merino base layer but at a softer touch and provides more warmth, that is alpaca wool. Plus, alpaca is a green animal, meaning this animal is friendly to the environment. If you are going to travel around nature, it makes sense to wear nature from an animal that loves nature.

If you like Merino, you’ll love Alpaca.

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