It sounds crazy, doesn't it? The short answer is YES.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, wool is worn all year round: in winter, of course, but also in spring and even summer! You just need to choose suitable fibers such as pure thermoregulating alpaca wool.

No more itchy and sweaty wool! Here are some ideas for what to wear next-to-skin with the return of the slightest ray of sun. 

My trip to Cusco with the alpaca shirt

Last year, I went on a trip to Cusco with Meli and Rensso, around the Peruvian Andes at about 3400 m (11,150 ft). It was in the dry season and the temperature during the day was about 20 C (69 F).

First time that I was testing my Arms of Andes (AoA) alpaca t-shirt was on  a sunny day. And I found it such a surprise! I could feel that alpaca wool provides a real thermal benefit. I used it to walk around during the day and it was amazing how refreshing it was. Our fabrics are composed of a more adaptive wool than traditional wool thanks to the alpaca fibers' ability to regulate body temperature.

Where do the insulating properties of the alpaca fleece originate from? It’s down to the way the alpaca has evolved. Alpacas are amazingly resilient animals and have adapted successfully to the extremes of both very hot and very cold climates. 

Woman wearing a black alpaca shirt looking at a alpaca and standing by a peruvian woman

Protect your skin from sun rays

Alpaca wool helps to protect your skin from the rays of the sun. How come? Wool absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun, just as it does for alpacas grazing in the fields all day long.

Although wearing alpaca wool doesn’t mean that you should not put sun cream on, especially if you have a white skin like me! It is just another layer of protection against UV radiation.

No stink no wash

All products are anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Which is a huge advantage in the summer sun, doing outdoor activities. We definitely sweat! Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away sweat without absorbing it. Each time I wear it, me and my clothes stay dry, keeping my body protected.

Alpaca wool does not need to be washed because of its anti-bacterial properties and low moisture absorption. Instead of washing, I air out my gear.
Save time, water and help save the planet!

Man on the beach wearing lilac alpaca wool shirt
Woman wearing white alpaca wool tank top and walking in the wood

Sun loving colors

My first AoA t-shirt was black. I really love it! It is great for any season and it always looks very elegant; either during the day or at night having a pisco sour with friends, here in Lima Peru.

At AoA, we have different colors that marry perfectly with sunny days : Lilac and White. Best of all, they combine with everything! And not only because it looks and feels more seasonal but also because the lighter shades attract less rays from the sun.

We are introducing chemical-free colors that also come from the alpaca itself. Our natural white carries no dye and we will be including a naturally dyed blue soon.

Conventional colors : Black, Lilac, Navy Blue. Natural colors : White and soon all natural blue…
There is something for everyone and every season!

So lightweight you'll forget it

In the summer, the last thing that you want is to feel weight on you. I live in Lima, and summer is very humid. Wearing clothes that are not heavy is so important for me. The structure of our alpaca fleece is incredibly lightweight and allows you to move freely. If you keep your head up, you might actually forget you're wearing a shirt. The lightness of our shirts is an important comfort factor in the summer.

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