Inca Trail: Proper Hiking Clothes

machu picchu hiking clothes


Long ago, there was a time people forgot about the gods. And they spent their time fighting wars, becoming greedy. Only people in the high Andes Mountains worked on their fields, worshiped their gods, and took care of their alpacas. The gods became angry at the greedy people on the low lands. One day, the Alpacas looked up to the night sky for a message from the gods saying they’re sending a terrible flood. Alpacas told the Andes people to hide as high in the mountains as they could. So the Andes people gathered their belongings and herded their Alpaca to the mountain’s peak, Machu Picchu. The next day, a big wave came swept away the greedy people.

Today, travelers, backpackers, and trekkers struggle hiking up the Inca Trail, enduring high altitude sickness to reach that mountain’s peak, Machu Picchu. There are different hiking trails one could take, but the climates are the same for each trek. Freezing in the morning before sunrise and after sunset, and hot in between. Having personally accomplished it twice, my first Machu Picchu trail, I spent my nights in my tent shivering with numbness in my legs because of the cold. While during our day long hikes, the sun would beat down on me while I struggled to breathe in the thin air the Andes. Obviously, I was not prepared for the change in extreme weather conditions. A year later, I was determined to do the Machu Picchu hike again, but this time would be different. I would enjoy the views without having to worry how to keep warm at night and cool during the day. The solution to my problem was simple, I had to dress like my ancestors, the Incas. Incas would take their Alpaca and use their wool to make ponchos, blankets, socks, chullos, etc. The Alpacas are grazed in the Andes and naturally their hairs were able to withstand the climate changes. Wear Alpaca base layer and fleece top during the night, I didn’t shiver or feel the cold on the my back, instead I laid out on the grass watching the big, bright stars. The next morning the sun rises and my cheeks are bright red. All I need is my Alpaca base layer that protects against solar radiation and breathable fibers to keep me cool.

Proper hiking attire and trekking gear make a difference in your hiking experience. Check out our layers and let us know how your experience went with your AoA fleeces.

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