raw alpaca wool from the alpaca


In the Peruvian Andes, farmers working together in providing the best alpaca wool. They separate the wool into groups with a number to identify it's origin. 

Afterwards, women detect the fibers by micron with only using their touch. This method has been brought down by generations.

There are 3 groups of microns: 
Superfine Alpaca (26.5), Baby Alpaca (22.5) and Royal Alpaca (18-18.5). Our clothes are only made of Royal Alpaca wool. Then, the fibers are followed with a wash, dye, and made into our unique yarn.

sew alpaca fabric into alpaca wool garments


Our yarn is specially made into light and durable fabrics. We use a certain machine that can develop cloths for a functional design. This special alpaca wool fabric is not found anywhere else. 

We then use varies temperatures and vibrations to apply a special touch of shine that gives a luxury look.

woman in big bear wearing alpaca base layer and alpaca joggers


When we prepare our hikes for the Andean outdoors, we look for coverage and free movement in our gear. We designed our gear for a functional fit so you can move easily and be protected.

Our gear is made the traveler exploring the nature and the city in every weather condition.

woman from Peru standing on the hills at sunset

Sourced from Peru and Created in Peru.

In a nutshell, all our gear is made in Peru. How is this possible? We always kept connection with our Peruvian culture. This helped us make honest clothes from real high-quality wool in Peru and nowhere else. All gear is then exported to the States and the Netherlands. 



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