What makes Alpaca wool best for hiking

best hiking clothes

This year Spring came early for us and it feels warmer than last year. People are putting away their ski gear and preparing for their hiking clothes summer. Here you will find the properties that make Alpaca wool the best hiking clothes for women and the best hiking clothes for men. Also, for those who want to take advantage of their hiking apparel, you can use your hiking clothes for winter season as well.

  1. Breathability: Alpaca wool has air pockets within the fibre giving them superior breathability and are lightweight. This all season base layer is also perfect for use in extreme cold.
  2. Windproof: Being naturally windproof, you can benefit from not carrying a jacket.
  3. Sun Protection: Although sunscreen is good to carry around you your Alpaca hiking clothes will protect you from the sun.
  4. Wicking Abilities: Moisture is wicked away allowing you to stay cool while you hike.
  5. Not stinky: Because Alpaca naturally anti-microbial and anti-funga, it also reduces odor. So you do not need to worry about you or your feet smelling after camping or a long hike.
  6. Flame resistant: In case you are camping and starting a fire, alpaca is resistant to fire.
  7. Stain resistant: Don’t worry getting stains while climbing up a high mountain. It is difficult to dirt or other natural stains on your alpaca wool.

Watch out for Arms of Andes hiking gear. We are plan to have your hiking clothes ready by June. Alpaca Summer Collection: Leggings (base layer pants), Sweat Pants, Tank tops, Sport bra, briefs (trousers), Shirts, Women’s underwear, socks, beanie, and neck warmer.

You can also get your base layer or mid layer now before they run out! Base layers are recommended for summer as they are lighter.

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