What Makes Arms of Andes Different

Peruvian alpaca wool


Coming from a family of deep Peruvian roots and being raised to backpack and hike, we grew up exploring the beautiful natures of Peru. We developed Arms of Andes with the idea of sharing one of Peru’s precious animals with the world. We wanted to simultaneously bring people closer to nature, promote natural and eco-friendly clothes, and support the Peruvian farmers. Becoming closer with Alpacas and their farmers, we understood not only the benefits of the wool, but the unique relationship with human and animal.

Since the Inca times, farmers have not changed their methods of shearing Alpacas nor their method of raising them. Now a days where wool is made by enslaving animals in factories and painfully shaving their wool, gently handled animals are rarely heard of. Peruvian farmers do not believe in this inhumane method. All of their animals are grazed in the high Andes regions where they are fed properly according to their natural diets. Shearing periods only occur when Alpacas are ready and done so gently and leaving no pain or harm for the animal.

After building a friendship with the Alpaca farmers, AoA was in the process of being made. We did our market research and with our backpacking experience, we understood how beneficial Alpaca wool is for the outdoors. Being in nature, we feel warm, cold, sweaty and tired, and we knew quality clothes played a big role. Alpacas are grazed in the Andes, where changes in extreme weathers occur daily. From the moment the sun rises, the days starts off hot until night becomes and it reaches freezing point.

AoA is not only about alpaca wool, it is about supporting wool from a non-harmed animal, helping the economy of Peruvian farmers, sharing the importance of ecological clothes without synthetic fabrics that harm our planet, and about motivating people to be more active outside.

From Alpaca to Alpaca Wool Sweaters to hikers and backpackers all over the world, Arms of Andes is there in every step of the process.

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