Essential Clothes for Travelling to Machu Picchu

hiking clothes machu picchu

Machu Picchu peak season almost here! Peru is a country with diverse geographics including mountains, beaches, deserts, and the amazon. Machu Picchu has two seasons: Dry season and Wet Season. The Wet season runs from September to May and Dry season starts in June and ends in August. However, March and April tend to be the drier months of the Wet season as it becomes closer to June. Many travelers get confused that summer in Lima means summer in the Andes. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Due to the location of the Andes, being north of the equator, when dry season comes along Lima (capital of Peru) is in winter season. This is why backpackers start planning their Inca Trails for March/April. And planning your outdoor clothes is important for your high altitude trek. Your hike will start early morning with the sun shining so bright, you will feel the heat on your face and shoulders. Bringing sunscreen is needed. But, if you are like me, and prefer to stay close to nature and use little chemical products as possible, your hiking clothes can help. Alpacas’ wool are naturally made to absorb ultraviolet radiation from the sun and maintain breathability. However, be careful to pick the correct type of alpaca fleece or alpaca base layers as some wool apparel might be too heavy during your Inca hike. Luckily, Arms of Andes recently came out with Alpaca base layers with a fine yarn count and is lightweight. This Alpaca Base Layer is similar to the Super Fine Merino base layer; however, it is softer, more breathable, more water repellent, and hypoallergenic. Keep in mind, when the sun sets, the Inca Trail becomes incredibly during the evening and normally gets below freezing point later on during the night. Talk about extreme changes in weather conditions! The AoA Alpaca base layer is still needed, but we and other tour guides recommend bringing a mid layer and outer jacket. Our Alpaca mid layer / fleece works best for the evening part of your trail and during your night’s rest. Instead of worrying about how cold it is, bundle up in your alpaca layers and enjoy the gorgeous sight of the stars. Because there are no lights during your hike, the stars are big and shiny.

In addition to your sustainable layerings, thermal leggings, socks, hiking boots, hiking pants, beanie and gloves are needed. You want to have breathable socks during the day hike, but also keep you warm at night. Remember: it is normal for the weather in Cusco to go below freezing point. But, once again, Arms of Andes has your feet, head, and legs covered! We are adding Alpaca socks, Alpaca thermal leggs, Alpaca beanies, and Alpaca gloves to our ecological backpacking and travel collection. If you need tips for your hikes or general recommendations for Peru, feel free to contact our website, instagram, and facebook!

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