What to sleep in when camping outdoors

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What to sleep in when camping outdoors

sleeping the outdoors in front of the snowy mountains

Sleeping in the cold outdoors is adventurous, but also can be very challenging. For the new campers, there are some things you might not think about it until you’re waking up and shivering.

Here’s a list of things and tips you need for your overnight camping trip:

  1. SLEEPING BAG: For your comfort and heath, finding a good quality sleeping bag that rates for cold temperatures is crucial. Usually you want to find one that can last under 10 degrees lower than the temperature you plan to camp in. 
  2. CLOSED SLEEPING BAG: Sort of looks like a sleeping bag for a mummy. This bag helps keep out the cold air from coming in. 
  3. KEEP YOUR FEET WARM! Finding thick wool socks, will definitely make a difference from cold to warm. Most of the cold weather enters through your feet and you want to make this body part is covered well. Here’s some Alpaca wool socks that will definitely with that! 
  4. SOME SUGAR: Your body's working overtime to keep your warm body even if you are prepared. Keep some fruit in your sleeping bag and the sugar will give you that extra kick. It’ll also help you stay warm. 
  5. SLEEP WITH THIN LAYERS: It is better to pack a warm sleeping bag and to sleep in thin wool clothes than to pack thick clothes and a thin sleeping bag. Preferably you want an Alpaca  wool long sleeve shirt and leggings with socks
  6. DON’T FORGET YOUR HEAD! Remember your head and face is probably the only parts that are not well covered. You want a beanie to keep you warm, but not sweat. Sweat makes your hair wet which leads to a cold. Remember what your mother said about not sleeping with wet hair. You can catch a cold. 
  • Alpaca beanies trap the warmth coming from your head in its tube like fibers. However, this unique structure also allow your head to breath so you don’t sweat. 
  • Alpaca neck gaiters are uniquely designed to cover your throat, face, and ears. If it’s windy where you are camping, it is important to cover your throat.
  1. FLASHLIGHT! Keep a flashlight near you and inside your bag. In case you need to use the bathroom during the night or something, its good to have this handy. 
  2. MOST IMPORTANT! Clean up after you’re done camping. It’s wonderful to be in nature and in a clean environment. Unfortunately, many new campers forget how much trash they create when camping. Remember to keep a bag handy for trash and to not leave anything behind. The outdoors is not only for you, but for everyone and every animal. 

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