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Fabric: 100% Royal Alpaca Wool
Fabric Dye: Low Impact Dyes (GOTS)
Fabric Finishing: Silicone (OEKO-TEX)
Thread Dye: Reactive Dye
Label: 100% Organic Cotton
Label Ink: Synthetic (GOTS)


3 Pack - Women's Alpaca Wool Crew Neck T-Shirts

160 Ultralight

3 Pack - Women's Alpaca Wool Crew Neck T-Shirts: 160 Ultralight

(Only for Limited Time)

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T-shirt 1


Low Impact Dyes:

T-shirt 2


Low Impact Dyes:

T-shirt 3


Low Impact Dyes:

Pre-Order: This item will be ready to ship by Sept 2023.

Alpaca vs Merino

Alpaca Wool outperforms Merino.

Alpaca fibers evolved in the harsh Peruvian Andes over millennia, to keep you protected on any adventure.

Unique Semi-Hollow Fibers:
• Lighter Weight
• Higher Insulation

Smoothest Fiber Scales:
• Moisture Wicking
• Softer without Felting

High-Performance Fiber

Pack lighter, travel farther.

Get the most out of nature with the ultimate performance fiber. Explore the outdoors clean and dry, with naturally anti-bacterial and temperature regulating Alpaca Wool.

❊ Anti-bacterial & Odor-resistant
↻ High sweat-wicking
☁ High breathability
☀ UV - Protection
✓ Light & durable

Microplastic-Free World

We put a stop to plastic pollution.

It is our mission to make clothes that allow you to explore nature without contaminating it with microplastics.

This is the first step in making our entire catalog petroleum-free and biodegradable.

We use only biodegradable materials:
• 100% Royal Alpaca Wool Fabric
• 100% Cotton Threads
• 100% Cotton Labels

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping for US orders over $200 that are purchased from our US warehouse.*

*Items stocked in Peru will occur a shipping fee. This fee includes customs & duties.

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The Ultimate Outdoor T-Shirt

We have created the perfect T-shirt to get you closer to nature. 100% Royal Alpaca wool is the most sustainable fiber that also protects your body. Our women's wool t-shirt keeps your body dry and feeling fresh no matter what adventure you are on. Alpaca fibers wick away sweat and prevent odor causing bacteria. Explore more and embrace nature with Arms of Andes.