Alpaca Wool for Traveling


alpaca wool instead of merino wool


I hear it the question asked constantly: “Why Alpaca Wool?” Some think it is odd to ask, but considering the animal is more popular than it’s wool, not many people really know the benefits of Alpaca wool.

From a market standpoint, Alpaca wool is mostly used in Fashion clothes because of softness and texture. However, Alpaca is more than Fashion. It is durable, strong, lightweight, warm, and much more. Merino wool is commonly used in outdoor clothes because of its durability and warmth. Hikers and travelers who search for organic clothes without synthetics typically choose Merino wool. That is understandable since Cashmere is not durable and cotton shrinks when wet. However, Arms of Andes is here to bring you something better than Merino wool and unique.

We did our research and personally experimented with Alpaca wool in harsh weather conditions from London to Cusco to Arequipa to Los Angeles to Norway and Iceland and to the Netherlands. I personally backpacked all around with Arms of Andes mid layers and base layers to all these countries. I can safely say Alpaca wool did not only prepare for my long hikes in the sun, rain, and snow, but saved me at the cold airports and uncomfortable bus rides. I am a lazy backpacker that does not pack but shoves all their clothes in a bag and on their way to their next adventure. I reuse clothes until I feel it is time for a wash rather than keeping tabs on when the last time I did a wash. This alpaca wool sweater endured everything from food and beers being spilled on it to sandy clothes being mixed with it to being wrapped up in a ball to be used as a pillow. I can safely say my alpaca fleece did not smell, did not have a strain, did not have a wrinkle, and remained softer than cashmere. Investing in quality, natural, and durable clothes goes along way for your travels especially when you backpack light.

Everyone looks for that perfect sweater that can last them throughout their entire gap year or 6 month long travel and Arms of Andes has you covered. Try out our 100% alpaca wool fleeces for your travel and feel the difference from Merino to Alpaca.

Also! Arms of Andes will be coming out with more traveling clothes of 100% Royal Alpaca this May:

Alpaca Wool T-shirt

Alpaca Wool Everyday Long Sleeve Shirt

Alpaca Wool Tank Top

Alpaca Wool Sweat Pants

Alpaca Wool Leggings

Alpaca Wool Boxers

Alpaca Wool Ladies Underwear

Alpaca Wool Sports Bra

Alpaca Wool Neck Gaiter

Alpaca Wool Socks

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