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    Alpaca Pack: Essentials for minimalist backpacking and trekking Your next journey is coming soon and you’re the type that does not over pack and only needs the essentials. You will not only be hiking but going out for dinners and possibly partying a little after your long hikes. This means every item must be multi-purpose and durable to last your entire trip. If you love Alpaca wool and are a backpacker minimalist, we have your Alpaca Pack. Below is a list of necessary items and their benefits that will save you during your backpacking trip especially if your...

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wool fiber

A micron is the diameter of the wool fiber. The lower the micron, the finer the wool. High microns are 20 and above and are usually used for outer layers such sweaters, blankets. Microns of 20 and below can also be used in outer layer, but the type of knitting used can make the garment more durable and warmer. Usually finer wool is used for next to skin garments such as base layers, underwear, etc.
Structure of the fiber also determines how smooth or rough the wool will is.

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alpaca wool better than merino wool



Alpaca for everything. Why Alpaca wool is needed for your travels. 

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The BEST shirts, underwear, socks, and layers come from one material: 100% ALPACA Just as you want to explore the diverse regions of the Earth (using gear that is light, comfortable, breathable, and warm), Alpaca have travelled throughout extreme conditions in high altitudes...Over millennia Alpaca adapted to this environment and created the softest and lightest fleece, with almost 0% water retention (merino wool can absorb from 20-50% of its own weight in moisture), antimicrobial, and high tensile strength. Alpaca created a fleece designed for traveling long distances and constant use.The BEST TRAVEL CLOTHES come only in ALPACA, and we have created shirts, underwear,...

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From Alpaca to Alpaca Wool Clothes to Hikers and Backpackers all over the world, Arms of Andes is there in every step of the process. No other brand is closer to nature, like we are. 

Check out how AoA started and what makes us different. 

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