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Alpaca new collection

Spring is near! Find out what AoA has planned for your ecological spring wardrobe! Made only from Alpaca Wool. And find out how you can receive a huge discount by sharing your ideas.

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Find out why wearing the right hiking gear is important for your Inca trail or any other treks!

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hiking up a mountain

Find out why Alpaca is superior to Merino Wool and what to wear during your next hike. 

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eco travel ecological clothing brand eco-friendly animal alpaca

Through their evolution, they developed fibers that does not retain water, protects against harsh sunlight and keeps you warm during winter. Even mixed with synthetic processing, other types of wool cannot compete. Alpaca is the next green concept of using less material for more functionality in sportswear. 

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the perfect layer. best mid layer. best base layer. alpaca

This is why Alpaca make the best base layers!

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