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Alpaca sweat and camping clothes

Camping in winter or spring, you need clothes that stay dry, warm, soft, durable, breathable, and do not smell. Finding multipurpose clothes are 100% natural limits your wool selection. Find out why Alpaca beats Merino Wool for your camping gear. 

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best hiking clothes

Just because the weather is getting warmer and spring is feeling like summer, does not mean you cannot wear Alpaca wool. Being naturally breathable, odor resistant, lightweight and wicks away moisture when you sweat, find out how this is wool is perfect for your warm hikes!

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Alpaca superior wool

Harsh weather conditions produce the best performing wool. Find out why Alpacas live in high altitude and what they do survive harsh weather conditions. 

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Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca is the MOST SUSTAINABLE FIBER. Check out why switching to alpaca wool makes your outdoor gear more eco-friendly. 

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Read about the weather in Machu Picchu and what to wear 

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